Saturday, April 18, 2015
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Team Training

Dogs are trained to assist while shopping.Each dog we train will have the skills needed to assist the person with whom they are partnered. 

During Team Training:

  • Clients learn to manage the assistance dog's behavior
  • Clients learn to direct the dog to respond to commands it already knows
  • Clients assume responsibility for maintaining the health and well-being of the dog.

The client needs to demonstrate proficiency in all these areas before we can consider the match a success.  

All lectures, individual instruction, practice sessions, and written class materials for Team Training, are in English.

The Recipient of the Service Dog, family members, and the Service Dog attend a ten day Training Camp in the Nashville Metropolitan area.  Priorto the Training Camp, we confirm that the dog has all the skills and temperament needed for placement.  During the Training Camp, Recipients and family members learn the same language and skills so they are comfortable returning to their home, work, school, and recreational environments with their Service Dogs.  Usually from the second day of Training Camp on, Recipients and their dogs are together 24/7. Throughout Training Camp RI provides hotel accommodations, most meals, and a variety of outings so the new Human/Service Dog partners are confident when they return home together.

All lectures, individual instruction, practice sessions, and written class materials for Team Training, are in English.


Maintaining a Strong Working Partnership

RI is committed to helping each partnership remain strong.  During Training Camp, we verify that appropriate bonding and relationship building occurs.  We ask teams to return for a six-month follow-up and a one-year follow-up in Nashville.  RI staff remain available for unlimited phone follow-up throughout the first year, and additional in-person sessions may occur if needed.  RI creates Group pages on Facebook for Recipients and Caregivers, as a way to continue to share experiences.

At the successful conclusion of the one-year follow-up, RI formally transfers full ownership of the Service Dog to the Recipient. .

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Retrieving Independence has a very nice facility in the country near Linden, TN. Very clean, very nice people helped me. They really care about you.

  • Jim Hinson
  • Nashville, TN
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